Hello! This year, The Macoskey Center is excited to offer a larger age range for our camps as well as a full day's experience! Through our summer camps, we aim to inspire and create a more just and sustainable through quality environmental education programming. Please find additional information about the camp week below. Costs include a daily snack and all project materials and supplies. However, please be sure to pack a lunch for your camper! Before each camp, we will send you a more detailed schedule, information about how to get to the MC, an introduction to MC staff members, as well as an additional copy of our camp policies and procedures.

Week #3: Conservation Heroes


July 10-12, 2023


Full day – 8am-4pm

Age Group: 

Early Elementary (Entering 1st - 3rd grade or 6-8 yrs. old) 

Upper Elementary (Entering 4th - 6th grade or 9-11 yrs. old) 

Middle School (Entering 7th - 8th grade or 12-14 yrs. old)


  • Ages 6-8: In this three-day camp, children will become conservation superheroes as they uncover the secret identities of incredible plants and animals that have their very own superpowers! Campers will explore how super-strength, super-speed, x-ray vision, and more all play key roles in the natural world—and how we can use our own superpowers to help protect our amazing planet!
  • Ages 9-11: Students will spend this three-day camp becoming Certified Macoskey Center Conservation Heroes! As part of their Conservation Hero training, campers will use hands-on activities and outdoor exploration to understand conservation plans, how to identify and remove invasive species, and more!
  • Ages 12-14: Campers will learn more about conservation in this three-day camp! Through exploring our 70 acres of forests and trails, working together to solve problems on SRU’s ropes course, and creating their own conservation plans, campers will deepen their understanding of our connections to nature. Each day is designed to let students try different things, develop their strengths, and build new skills!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to The Macoskey Center with any questions. Our phone number is (724) 738-4050 and our email is macoskey.center@sru.edu.