2024 SRU Summer Voice Academy

June 24 - 28, 2024

Join SRU's Summer Voice Academy for a transformative experience in the art of vocal expression. This program is designed for high school and undergraduate students who are passionate about harnessing the full potential of their voice as a musical instrument.

During the academy, each student will benefit from an enriching curriculum that includes one-on-one voice lessons, a personalized diction coaching session, and dedicated rehearsals to fine-tune their vocal skills. In addition, students will actively participate in a series of masterclasses, pedagogy sessions, solo rehearsals, and collaborative choral practices.

Our Summer Voice Academy offers two distinct tracks to cater to your unique interests and aspirations. Choose between the classical track, which delves into language diction (with an emphasis on the Italian language in this year's program), or the musical theatre track, where you'll explore a diverse range of musical theatre song styles.

Whether you're a budding opera singer or aspiring Broadway star, our academy provides a supportive and immersive environment to nurture your vocal talents and propel your passion for music to new heights. Come and join us this summer for an unforgettable journey of vocal discovery and growth

Dr. Christopher Scott

Dr. Cindy Candelaria-Pieve           

Ms. Emily Scott


Classical Voice

Classical/Musical Theatre Voice

Musical Theatre Voice

Coach & Collaborative Piano